One Sunday Afternoon

One Sunday Afternoon...My husband and Son went out. Avani, Lahari and I were home. After lunch I wanted to take some pictures for my Project 365. I usually take pictures in my family room/kitchen area. I thought why not change the location and see which other rooms have good lighting. My son's room has awesome light with 2 big windows. First I cleaned up the mess in his room and put a white quilt on the bed so it is not too distracting in the pictures. I also got some of their toys so that I can take pictures of them playing. Girls were excited to play in big brother's room. They know that he keeps all his nicknacks and small toys in his room. Here is how their adventure went....

Girls looking through the window.

Avani hugging her doll.

"One little monkey jumping on the bed". While the other started her treasure hunt.

Lahari saw Avani having fun and joined her. Now "Two little monkeys jumping on the bed". Thankfully no one fell off.

Avani then started playing with her stuffed toys and Lahari went back to look for treasures hidden in Big brothers room.

Avani talking to her buddy "Polar Bear". She was trying to make him sit on the windowsill. He would not listen to her.

She went and got her baby doll. And the baby doll listened to her. Look how happy that made Avani. While this is happening Lahari is still trying to find something interesting in the room.

Avani joined Lahari in the hunt for treasure. Avani found some Marbles and an eraser and Lahari found a marble and a piece of paper.

Lahari and Avani playing with their finds

Lahari pretending the eraser to be a phone. Look at her expression talking on the phone. Avani playing with marbles.

They took a break from toys and sat down to do some reading.

They also found few pieces of small leggos. Avani made a boat.

Lahari saying "Mamma, I got a boo boo"

Time for some rest.

Avani pretending to be falling from the top of the bed. She said "Mamma, help I falling!".

Back to some more play time

Lahari's different expressions.

I went and got some foam blocks for them.

Avani made a Mikey Mouse (1st pic) and a Microphone (2nd pic).

Finally the fun time in the Big Brother's room came to an end. My husband and son came home. I forgot why Avani threw a tantrum:).

Until their next adventure, Good Bye!